TG Motocross 2 is an exciting and addictive motocross flash game that puts you up against tough terrains and challenging levels. The goal of the game is to surmount all of the obstacles without crashing your bike, in as little time as possible. The game begins by showing you a map with all of the levels. In the beginning you can only access the first level. However, as the game progresses you can choose which level you would like to participate in. The controls are rather simple as you only need to use the directional keys on your computer's keyboard.

Use the up key to accelerate, the down key to brake, the right key to lean forward, and the left key to lean back. When you are gin up a hill it is best to lean forward, and when you are descending or launch off of certain ramps you should lean back. There are very few instances in TG Motocross 2 when braking is necessary, however some of the later levels do require more patience than speed. To help you prepare for the upcoming obstacles the game includes a slightly transparent map that can be seen in the top right corner. Be sure to check this map every once in a while, especially when you are going very fast. Be careful though, as checking it too much could take your eyes off of the course long enough to cause you to crash.

As you proceed through the game, you'll see that the terrain becomes much tougher to surpass. In fact, some of the courses may take 3 to 5 attempts before you can make it to the end without crashing. Even when you crash the game does not lose its entertainment value, as the realistic physics engine produces visually authentic crashes. If you enjoy playing stunt bike games, then you'll most definitely love TG Motocross 2.